Immunity food supplement

Immunity food supplement

The immunity food supplement is essential to strengthen your immune system . With Pleine Forme , boost your immune system and establish a line of defense against viruses and bacteria with our natural food supplements .

Strengthen your immune system with trace elements

Trace elements allow our natural defenses to function properly . Iron is a trace element which is part of the composition of a protein called hemoglobin , this protein allows the transport of oxygen from our lungs to other organs in our body. However, a significant iron deficiency can lead to anemia which causes the red blood cell count to drop and causes fatigue and faster shortness of breath.

Furthermore, another trace element essential for the proper functioning of our body is zinc . Indeed, it is a powerful antioxidant which helps strengthen our immune defenses and strengthens immunity to fight infections .

Vitamins to refuel

Vitamins will help you defend yourself against external aggressions and will play a real role in role as a shield against infectious diseases . Vitamin D is favored by health professionals for its benefits on our immune system . In addition, nothing beats a good sunbath to supplement yourself with vitamin D , but the winter period is long and our immune defenses are weakened for many months. This is why vitamin D supplementation is necessary to fight against winter ailments .

Another vitamin will help strengthen the immune system , vitamin C. Indeed, vitamin C supplementation is necessary, because our body is not capable of manufacturing it or storing it. In addition, it contributes to the formation of white blood cells which are our body's defenders against viruses and bacteria .

Bees are your friends

Stimulating natural defenses with bee products is also a good way to fight infections . Indeed, propolis , royal jelly , pollen and even Manuka honey have powerful antibacterial properties which will contribute to the body's defense .

Some health tips

Practice regular physical activity and remember to eat fatty fish , fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. which will provide you with all the nutritional benefits and essential fatty acids . In addition, Spirulina also contributes to strengthening the immune system .

On the other hand, a lack of sleep contributes to a weakening and a drop in your immunity, sleeping well is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Finally, you can consume green tea which has strong antioxidant power and also prepare herbal teas with honey which will have an antibacterial role.

Our food supplements

Stocking up on vitamins and minerals in synergy with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet will ensure complete protection against all external aggressions .

Remember that our natural food supplements do not replace meals and are there to help you fight against bacterial strains . If you think you are ill , contact your doctor immediately to get advice from a healthcare professional . 

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