In the world of DermoPlant, Man and Nature are one and their mutual dependence is vital for their respective well-being. The human body is literally "born from the Earth" and contains 26 of the 92 elements identified in the Earth's crust. Like the Earth, human beings come from the Universe.

DermoPlant’s mission is based on three values:

  • respect for man and the human body,
  • respect for the earth and nature,
  • respect for consumption.

These three values ​​support the development of DermoPlant products. As a company on a human scale, from our premises in the French Alps, we try to throw all our weight into protecting human and environmental values ​​by encouraging responsible consumption.

We adhere to the Natrue safety and purity standard, one of the strictest in the world. Using only organic ingredients from trusted suppliers, we transform the finest plant juices and extracts into pure beauty formulas.


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