The story of Argiletz

Jean Heitz founded Argiletz in 1953 based on a strong conviction:

clay is a rich and generous material which can provide all its benefits to man.

It all started a few years earlier during the Second World War with the simple and saving gestures of his mother. In the Jura forest, she heals resistance fighters using the known powers of illite green clay, which she can easily hide in her bag.

She passes on her gestures and secrets to her son who develops treatments, pastes and poultices made from clay.

Hand in hand with his wife, Nadia, as a true pioneer, Jean Heitz developed the Argiletz range of products. He invents new uses, easier and more ergonomic, accessible to all; it modernizes manufacturing processes and innovates; it implements demanding quality controls. The family business becomes the leading player in clay-based care.

Drying in the sun

Many companies use various energies for drying raw materials, which generates significant CO2 emissions. For 50,000 tonnes to dry, they need 18,800 MWh/year of gas generating 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. For 60 years, Argiletz has dried more than 100,000 tons of green clay in the sun.

Standards and certifications

In 2007, Laboratoire ARGILETZ was the first natural and organic products company to obtain the ISO 9001 standard from AFNOR. This standard ensures total traceability of quality and also ensures customer satisfaction. In 2013, the ARGILETZ Laboratory obtained the ISO 22716 standard from AFNOR which corresponds to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for cosmetics.

Industrial process adapted to respect the environment

The ARGILETZ Laboratory philosophy is based on 5 pillars:

conviction, anticipation, generosity, fairness and respect.

  • 100% natural clays, non-ionized, preservative-free.
  • Raw material for products derived exclusively from the plant and mineral kingdom.
  • No animal testing.
  • Non-polluting and recyclable packaging, vegetable inks.
  • 60,000 liter tank installed to collect rainwater in order to maintain green spaces.


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