Discover Organic Silicon G5®, an exclusive formula manufactured by LLR-G5 since 1999, according to the original formula developed by Norbert Duffaut in 1959.

LLR-G5 Ltd is the company marketing this revolutionary product. From County Mayo, located in the western part of Ireland, G5® Organic Silicon is distributed throughout the world.

LLR-G5 continues to invest in cutting-edge scientific research and the development of its G5® molecule by collaborating with scientists around the world. The goal is to constantly improve its expertise and become known on a global scale. The organic Silicium G5® nutritional supplement has been evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The latter recognized the safety of Organic Silicon G5® as a new food ingredient, and confirmed the research results demonstrating that G5® from LLR-G5 Ltd is an effective source of assimilable silicon.

LLR-G5 the organic silicon specialist.

LLR-G5 manufactures G5® Organic Silicon according to very strict quality standards, with an emphasis on the safety, purity and effectiveness of its products. The company constantly invests in high-level research and development of its G5® range. Through its collaborations with various groups of international scientists, LLR-G5 has strengthened its reputation and global expertise in organic silicon, making it one of the market leaders.

Discover Organic Silicon G5® from LLR-G5 now, a superior quality product that will bring you the benefits of assimilable silicon.

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