Dietaroma, EXPERT SINCE 1927 in food supplements.

DIETAROMA is a beautiful story of passionate men and women, who for more than 90 years have been committed to the health and well-being of as many people as possible, through a complete range of natural and organic food supplements.

The story of Dietaroma


The beginning of the adventure

Louis Sevelinge, Doctor of Pharmacy, botanist and pioneer, initiates his research work in phyto-aromatherapy. A true pioneer, he highlights the countless health benefits that nature offers us.


The beginnings of the company

Dr Sevelinge created the PHYTAROMA laboratories in Bourg-de-Thizy in Haut-Beaujolais, which would become the DIETAROMA laboratories. The results of its research give rise to the first range of phyto-aromatherapy products. Building on their success, some of its formulas still appear in our catalog (Oléopolis, Vinalège, Philaromal, Actilège Digestion, etc.).


Precursor of organic stores

Dietetics and diet stores, ancestors of our organic stores, are more and more numerous and Louis Sevelinge creates with his right-hand man, Mr. Forestier, and his daughter Michèle Chirol-Sevelinge, the DIETAROMA laboratories. They adapted the successful Phytaroma formulas and thus created the first complete range of food supplements for these stores. Innovations then followed with the development of unique know-how around the properties of cereal sourdough: this was the birth of Philaromal and lacto-fermented plant drinks. Specialties with essential oils are also emerging (Phytaromasol). DIETAROMA then quickly became a reference brand in specialized networks.


New life

Under the leadership of a tandem of phytotherapy and aromatherapy enthusiasts, Vincent Laniez and Arnaud de Saint-Trivier, pharmacist and agronomist respectively, DIETAROMA is multiplying innovations and renewing its attachment to organic stores.


The phyto revolution

Organic stores are discovering a major innovation in herbal medicine: the range of organic plant ampoules Concentré Intégral de Plantes (CIP). This new patented aqueous extraction technology allows the totality of plants to be concentrated in a single ampoule for even greater efficiency and satisfaction.


Launch of the training institute

An expert by nature, DIETAROMA is launching a training institute in 2018 to support organic store advisors and naturopaths in their knowledge and practical applications of herbal medicine.


Dietaroma is committed beyond organic

Dietaroma launches the first Acerola without synthetic excipients in ecological packaging (recycled and recyclable plastic pill bottle).


1st organic and fair trade Acelora powder

Diétaroma launches the 1st ORGANIC and FAIR FAIR Acerola powder labeled FAIR FOR LIFE.


Faithful to the spirit of the founder, Dr Sevelinge, a true pioneer in phyto-aromatherapy since 1927, Dietaroma is constantly innovating to offer you the fruit of their research.


Dietaroma has in-depth knowledge of plants and Nature. The team carefully develops concentrated and effective formulas for your daily well-being


At Diétaroma, they are passionate about herbal medicine, committed to a true and transparent approach, driven by the desire to share with consumers, producers and stores.

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