Flavors and Fruits

Flavors and Fruits

At Magasin Pleine Forme, we offer you the delicious creations of Saveurs et Fruits, a company renowned for its jam-making expertise spanning over 50 years.

Thanks to their fruit tradition and their production workshop located in Lot-et-Garonne, Saveurs et Fruits makes a wide range of gourmet fruit-based products. Their gentle cooking method, carried out under vacuum at low temperature, carefully preserves all the organoleptic qualities of the fruits, such as their flavors, colors and textures.

At Saveurs et Fruits, the objective is to offer you products that captivate your taste buds while retaining the authenticity and freshness of the fruits. Each jar of jam or fruit product demonstrates their commitment to preserving taste excellence.

We are proud to present the products of Saveurs et Fruits, renowned for their exceptional quality and incomparable taste. Their jam-making expertise is reflected in each creation.

Come and discover our delicious jams and other fruit-based products, and let yourself be carried away by Saveurs et Fruits’ passion for authentic flavors. At Magasin Pleine Forme, we are delighted to offer you a unique and gourmet taste experience, thanks to Saveurs et Fruits products.

  • This range is made up of a wide range of low Glycemic Index (GI) preparations.
  • Less sweet organic jams (65% more fruit and 33% less sugar than a classic jam)
  • Organic preparations 100% from fruit and 100% from French fruit (fruits selected from our French regions for unique flavors)
  • Organic preparations 100% made from fruit (the widest range of organic fruit preparations on the market)
  • Organic apple purees (our apples are 100% French)
  • Organic Agen prunes (from our first know-how, we are located in the heart of the orchards of this delicious sweet fruit)
  • Organic agave syrup (has a low glycemic index, it is sweeter and less caloric than white sugar)

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