Bach flowers

Bach flowers

Bach Flowers are elixirs made from flowers. Therefore, they are completely natural.

Bach flowers: for whom, for what?

Bach flowers help relieve pain or emotional problems. Unlike medications, they have no side effects and therefore are harmful to the body.

There are different plants with varied virtues. Therefore, you should choose the useful Bach flowers based on your ailments and what needs to be treated.
In addition, it is possible to combine up to six essences to respond to ailments.

Bach flowers allow you to act on the level of inner strength. The treatment is similar to herbal medicine.
Thus, the treatment is adapted to each person according to each discomfort felt. It is therefore suitable for all people feeling more or less profound discomfort.

You can use Bach flowers completely independently. However, we advise you to contact our advisors or a specialized therapist to advise you on the doses and drops to use depending on the disorder encountered.

The different forms of Bach Flowers

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