Tea, Herbal Tea and Infusion.

Herbal tea and infusion

Whether for their therapeutic virtues or for their refined tastes, herbal teas and infusions are part of the daily lives of the French and millions of people around the world.
Teas, herbal teas and infusions entirely define herbalism , the virtues of the latter can bring occasional benefits to the body, such as relieving digestive discomfort or bloating or reducing temporary joint discomfort. Or even just for the comfort of a hot drink, or for the pleasure of a flavor that you like.
This is why all the brands present with us are of organic quality and selected for their tastes and their effectiveness .
The plant world of herbalism puts at your disposal, as well as to various therapists, a whole range of plants with multiple riches and benefits capable of relieving a thousand ailments.

The Pleine Forme boutique offers several brands of teas and infusions such as: Tisane Richter, Romon Nature, Salus, Thés de la Pagode and Yogi Tea.
Whether you are a fan of green tea , matcha tea, white tea or infusions with spicy flavors from the East. All varieties rigorously selected for their qualities and active ingredients are at Pleine Forme.

Also discover all the Ayurvedic infusions from the Indian tradition with the Yogi Tea brand, their infusions of plants and spices provide tasty blends with lots of character, like Chai , the most famous of all.
The Salus brand of infusions “health through plants” is the specialist targeting emotional problems, thanks to the virtues of plants associated with Bach Flowers , they have developed mixtures such as emergency and stress herbal tea, joy and harmony, calm and serenity or lavender hemp.

The Romon Nature range will meet your expectations in terms of problems as vast as they are varied with Detox infusions , circulation, Thyme herbal tea or even liver well-being, fat burner or serenity and many others.

Les Thés de la Pagode offers exceptional teas called “grand cru”, well-being teas and health teas, you will find the most refined of the emblematic varieties of tea such as: Matcha , Haoling, Zou cha, Qi cha, Yelong or even Bajiao and the very famous Sencha green tea.

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