Pagoda teas

Organic teas from Thés de la Pagode.

The Thés de la Pagode brand selects for you the best organic grand cru teas from Asia.

The selection and production of exceptional grand cru teas certified Organic Agriculture is the hallmark of Thés de la Pagode.

All from fine or imperial picking, which gives them a unique taste and an antioxidant content beneficial for health.

It was after traveling and meeting great tea masters from China and Japan that the desire to create Thés de la Pagode was born.

Just like the great masters of Asian tea ceremonies, it is in a spirit of sharing that Thés de la Pagode introduces you to the great classics of teas such as Chinese Chun Cha or the legendary Matcha Tea .

The brand also offers therapeutic teas , made from a clever blend of tea and medicinal plants which will relieve various pathologies such as joint tea, anti-cholesterol tea , circulation tea or even detox tea .

The quality of organic teas from Thés de la Pagode.

Thés de la Pagode® are all certified Organic Farming.

The quality requirement of Thés de la Pagode requires its experts to use teas from certified Organic Agriculture plantations. This is evidenced by the Organic Agriculture label awarded in France by organizations approved by the public authorities (Ecocert and Qualité France), which appears on the bags and boxes of Thés de la Pagode.

Tea lovers sometimes forget that tea leaves are never washed. By choosing organic tea, consumers are assured of not finding pesticides in their cup.

Les Thés de la Pagode makes a drastic selection on the selection of tea leaves, taking only the young leaves from the top of the tea plant.p

Let yourself be tempted by a grand cru Asian tea!


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