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Find our best brands of essential oils carefully selected for you, such as Dr. Valnet essential oils or the Herbes et Traditions brand, all of organic quality and chemotyped , to guarantee you an identical dosage of active ingredients from bottle to bottle and thus you provide superior quality oils.

What is essential oil?

An essential oil is the odorous fraction extracted from plants, it is the perfume materialized in liquid form of a plant, it is a real concentrate of natural active ingredients .

The extraction of an oil can come from different parts of the plant.

example; Eucalyptus essential oil - leaves

Chamomile essential oil - the flowers

Cinnamon essential oil - wood

There are over 200 different active substances in essential oils, alcohols, ethers, terpenes, acetates as well as phenols.

They are extremely anti-infectious , antiseptic and antiviral but the major properties do not stop there since they are also healing , anti-pain, digestive or immune regulating. Each oil has its specificity, and sometimes even several.

Essential oils for what uses?

Essential oils are intended for multiple uses and to relieve numerous disorders or small everyday worries. They are an integral part of a multitude of so-called alternative therapies or medicines such as aromatherapy or even olfactotherapy with essential oils for diffusers to perfume the house or even olfactory quantums for more therapeutic purposes.

You can use essential oils for sleep to help you fall asleep, or when waking up at night, such as fine Lavender essential oil , Roman Chamomile or orange essential oil , which will be perfect for calm nights. and peaceful.

You can also use essential oils against colds or blocked noses, such as peppermint essential oil , Eucalyptus or Niaouli essential oil which will be perfect for stopping runny noses, repeated sneezing as well as itching.

Professional masseurs, therapists or individuals who wish to relieve stress, muscle pain or osteoarthritis pain for example.

It is also possible to use essential oils as an animal repellent, mosquito repellent , for example thanks to the repelling properties of Java lemongrass essential oil, anti-lice with lavender essential oil or even in the kitchen, or good for the manufacture of homemade cosmetics, often used for their anti-bacterial properties and their pleasant and fragrant smells.

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