BIORNIZ: An Innovative Approach to Beauty & Well-Being

Biorniz Laboratories

At BIORNIZ, the philosophy is part of a holistic vision of Beauty & Well-Being.

They revolutionize your Beauty & Well-Being rituals by offering an innovative range of food supplements and cosmetic products designed exclusively from liquid trace elements, thus offering unrivaled purity.

“I believe in the correlation between skin health and our inner well-being.”

Léo-Pol LE BORGNE, Founder of BIORNIZ Laboratories

The starting point ? An observation: the scarcity of trace elements in our diet.

Although present naturally in our body, trace elements play a vital role. Unfortunately, due to soil degradation and the industrialization of our diet, the intake of trace elements has decreased over the decades, causing significant deficiencies.

With BIORNIZ liquid trace elements, provide your body with easily assimilated nutrients, meeting its essential needs.

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