Priméal is a brand committed to respecting people and nature, by establishing lasting partnerships with fair and supportive sectors. The brand is involved in the development and promotion of organic, fair trade and solidarity agricultural sectors in France and around the world. This approach aims to support the development of its agricultural partners and to guarantee a supply of quantity, quality and diversity of raw materials necessary for innovation in the service of taste.

Priméal also commits to a long-term relationship with producers once the sector is established. The brand strives to ensure the profitability and sustainability of these sectors by establishing supply contracts of at least 3 years with its producers, with certain partnerships extending over more than 10 years. In addition, Priméal applies a fair and remunerative pricing policy, allowing farmers to plan for the future and secure their activity.

Priméal supports organic farming!

In support of organic farming, Priméal is committed to donating 5% of its annual profits to the development of organic and fair trade agricultural sectors. This translates into the co-financing of trials, the pre-financing of harvests, co-investment with sector partners, as well as the co-financing of equipment. In addition, the brand pays 1% of the turnover of Biopartenaire certified products to its producers to finance agricultural and environmental development projects.

Priméal started 20 years ago by promoting a forgotten ancient cereal, einkorn in Haute-Provence. Subsequently, the brand supported the cultivation of chestnuts in Ardèche and organic rice in Camargue, which today benefit from the IGP and AOP labels for chestnuts. In France, Priméal cereals and legumes are grown in different regions, such as millet in Vendée, coral lentils in Charente, lentils in Oise and durum wheat in the Mediterranean. In total, more than 750 men and women grow the organic cereals, legumes and vegetables used in Priméal products.

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