At Magasin Pleine Forme, we are proud to offer you products from Prosain, a brand that attaches paramount importance to the quality of raw materials and the search for authentic taste.

From the selection of ingredients to the production of the final recipe, Prosain makes a point of choosing high-quality ingredients, particularly favoring old and remarkable varieties. Their range of Beef Heart Tomato Sauces, Desi Black Chickpeas and even Roussillon AOP red apricots demonstrates their high standards and their passion for exceptional flavors.

At Prosain, all recipes are developed without flavoring, coloring or preservatives, thus allowing the taste and nutritional qualities of the ingredients to be fully preserved. Their commitment to healthy eating is also reflected in research work aimed at reducing the amount of fat, sugar and salt without compromising taste pleasure.

Transparency is an essential value for Prosain, both in their recipes and in the choice of their ingredients. Their concern for traceability and quality is a guarantee for you, consumers concerned about what you put on your plate.

Discover Prosain products now at Magasin Pleine Forme and let yourself be seduced by authentic flavors, respectful of your well-being and your taste pleasure.

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