Cholesterol food supplement

Cholesterol food supplement; In France, there are ten million people who suffer from high cholesterol levels . Excess cholesterol is harmful to your health, which is why dietary supplements can help lower our cholesterol levels .

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by our body. It is necessary to synthesize many hormones and also the structure of the membrane that surrounds cells.

Good cholesterol ” called HDL cholesterol helps lower cholesterol that is found in excessive quantities in the blood and will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease .

Why then are we talking about excess cholesterol?

Excess cholesterol is not a disease, but it represents a risk factor for heart and vascular diseases. We call “ bad cholesterol ” an excess of LDL cholesterol which causes the formation of deposits on the wall of the arteries .

Its excess can cause serious illnesses which can lead to myocardial infarction or even a stroke . It should therefore not be taken lightly and its rate must be monitored.

How to fight cholesterol?

To help lower your cholesterol level , there are several solutions. It is essential to practice regular physical activity, have a healthy and balanced diet and be careful with your alcohol and tobacco consumption . It is recommended to consult your doctor who, depending on your history and your situation, may direct you to take medication. Food supplements will help you in this whole process and will help to lower your high cholesterol levels .

Why do dietary supplements work?

Food supplements work thanks to the release of antioxidants such as q10 or essential fatty acids such as omega-3 , which act inside our body. This will have a positive impact on your cholesterol levels and help reduce them.

You will have understood that there are no miracle cures, our food supplements do not replace meals and are there to help you reduce your cholesterol level as part of a healthy lifestyle .

How to choose the right food supplement?

It is complicated today to navigate among all the supplements, but we are here to guide you as best as possible in your approach.

You will discover on our site all the food supplements necessary for your needs and advice to best guide you towards the products that suit you.

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