Soap mill

Viviane Foré is an artisan creator of cold process soaps, based on organic sunflower oil from Touraine. It offers a varied range of very mild, superfatted and glycerinated soaps, which provide softness and protection to the skin, and affirms its convictions in terms of ecology and short circuits.

"I created my soap factory so that my professional activity was in line with my convictions. I wanted to only use products that were healthy for the environment and people and, as far as possible, local to promote short circuits . I believe in a local economy, more ecological and conducive to trade."

The promotion of artisanal know-how and the desire to work with noble raw materials were for Viviane Foré the driving forces behind the creation of the Moulin à Savon. And as she has retained her taste for teaching, she enjoys telling the story of how her artisanal soaps are made and explaining their qualities.

By joining the local group "Nature et Progrès" - the first organic mention in the world, which goes further than organic because it also encourages ecology, health, short circuits - Viviane obtained this "Nature et Progrès" mention for her soap factory. Progress” which guarantees an organic production method.


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