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  • First of all, a real origin . Look for the rare and unknown, almost forgotten product with unsuspected properties. Listen to the people of the world, understand them, learn from them with all humility and work hand in hand with producers in respect and mutual benefit through the sectors that we create.
  • Unique properties proven by the traditional medicines of the people who discovered them centuries ago, but also and above all proven by modern science. Comptoirs et Compagnies branded products do not have supposed “virtues”, they have scientifically proven beneficial properties. They improve your daily life. They work.
  • Innovative products , the majority of which we are introducing to the French market for the first time. We open doors to let you glimpse the unique and exceptional character of these products which we believe deserve to be discovered, worn and defended.
  • An exceptional taste , because if the adage “our food is our medicine” is obvious, we are convinced that the pleasure of the palate must be there to make this approach long-term.


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