Moulin des Moines

Moulin des Moines

The Moulin des Moines, owned by the Diemer family, has had a new start thanks to the union of Huguette Diemer and Édouard Meckert. Driven by a deep conviction to eat differently, in a healthier, simpler and more respectful way of nature, they created the Moulin des Moines brand in 1970, on the site of a mill dating from the 13th century founded by monks Cistercians. Nestled in the heart of the Alsatian countryside, near the Zorn River, this mill is the cradle of a new era.

Le Moulin des Moines was one of the first to transform cereals from organic farming, in particular by bringing spelled and einkorn back to life thanks to the establishment of new supply chains.

A pioneer in organic food for more than 40 years, Moulin des Moines perpetuates artisanal know-how through its local specialties based on spelled, as well as through its vast range of more than 1,500 products from biological agriculture.

Le Moulin des Moines is also committed to a coherent approach to preserving the environment. Thanks to the turbine powered by the Zorn River and the photovoltaic installations, the mill is perfectly self-sufficient in energy and even produces a surplus. In addition, selective sorting of waste, composting and animal feeding, including deer breeding, make it possible to recycle and valorize the mill's cereal waste.

We support production chains by giving priority to direct supplies from organic producers. Our production promotes local and regional employment, thus contributing to the sustainability of human-scale businesses in rural areas. Our civic commitment consists of offering organic food rich in flavors, preserving all the nutritional properties beneficial for our well-being.

At Moulin des Moines, simplicity is synonymous with efficiency! Each product is developed taking into account its consumption, in order to avoid unnecessary packaging and not to resort to artifice to create novelty or meaningless seduction.

Today, Nicolas and Pascal Meckert continue their parents' commitment by guiding new generations towards an ever more organic world, imbued with vitality. The vision of Moulin des Moines is resolutely turned towards the future.

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