Nail polish

Nail polish 

Nail polish allows you to match all your outfits. It allows you to take care of yourself and have beautiful nails in all circumstances. We advise you in choosing your nail polishes.

Choose your nail polish wisely

Nail polish color

Depending on your skin type, it is wiser to choose the type of nail polish that will flatter you.

This is why we recommend:

- For fair skin : Choose red, purple and pink to make your skin stand out. 

- For black skin : For black skin, almost any color will suit you. Beige, red, blue, purple varnish, etc. You can imagine everything!

- Dark skin : For dark skin, we recommend flashy colors like yellow, bright red, pink. Additionally, avoid neutral and dull colors.

The different textures of nail polish

- Matte nail polish : This nail polish goes everywhere. It is sober and will go wonderfully with clean and natural makeup.

- Pearly nail polish : Pearly nail polish is best worn in summer to bring out your tanned skin.

- Lacquer varnish : Perfect for all fashion-loving women who want to bring out a dressy style. It is perfect to match with a classy outfit.

Taking care of your nails

Fragile, damaged or broken nails? We explain everything to take care of your nails

Whiten your nails

It is important to whiten your nails. To do this, take a toothbrush and some baking soda. Next, apply the baking soda to your toothbrush, and brush your nails lightly.

Moisturize your nails 

You must regularly moisturize your fingernails and toenails to strengthen them. To moisturize them, you can use castor oil or sweet almond oil .

Remove cuticles

You need to remove the cuticles. Indeed, the cuticle is a hard skin that covers your nail and the lunula.

File your nails

You should file your nails when they start to get damaged. To do this, we advise you to even out your nails with a glass nail file . Furthermore, be careful to file them gently and in one direction so as not to break them.

The base coat

Also called varnish base, it helps take care of your nails. Indeed, it is the first layer, it is applied before the varnish and helps protect the layer of varnish that you are going to apply.

Its main role is to take care of your nail thanks to its protective barrier.

Base coats are enriched with amino acids, serum, vegetable oils and vitamins. They allow you to:

- Strengthen, de-yellow, smooth and harden your nails.

- Boost growth.

The top coat

Unlike the base coat, it is a layer that is applied on top after applying the varnish. Thus, its role is to shine, polish and set your manicure.

The top coat varnish is a crucial step if you want your manicure to shine and last over time. In addition, you will find them in a matte or glossy version.

Organic varnish at Pleine Forme

At Pleine Forme , we have chosen natural varnish. Indeed, our nail polishes are natural and in the majority, certified organic. Furthermore, our varnish does not flake and thanks to its natural origin, it takes care of your skin.


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