Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea, Ayurvedic teas and infusions.

The famous brand of Ayurvedic infusions Yogi Tea is now available at Pleine Forme!

For over 40 years, YOGI TEA® has been synonymous with delicious herbal and spice infusions made using unique Ayurvedic recipes, inspired by ancient Indian philosophy, 3000 years old.p

The Yogi Tea philosophy.

“He who lives in full consciousness discovers the great even in the small things. We believe that through a balanced life, every individual can do a lot of good – and that just one cup of brew hides the inspiration needed to do it!” declares the brand.

The story began over 40 years ago with a spicy and wonderfully aromatic infusion. This infusion now known as YOGI TEA® Classic laid the foundation for a unique variety of delicious Ayurvedic herbal and spice blends that appeal to both our mind and soul.

With the infusions, the wisdom of the yogi is expressed by a small philosophical message on each infusion sachet and a Yoga exercise on each box.

The famous brand Yogi Tea wishes to be an inspiration and relaxation and thus contribute to a peaceful, healthy world, filled with mindfulness and happiness.

And the quality at Yogi Tea?

With more than 120 spices from 80 countries giving the infusions their unique taste.

They all come from certified organic crops and transformed according to ecological criteria. A true pioneer going to the remote corners of the planet to find the best organic and sustainable crops, since day one, and at a time when the word organic barely existed!

Yogi Tea selects the best ingredients to establish their infusion recipes with their own unique and particular tastes!

What does this mean in detail?

It's very simple: on their fields, all farmers renounce the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers and synthetic chemical phytosanitary products. Pesticides and genetically modified plants are excluded from the selection of ingredients, because the health of customers and farmers is important to them. In addition, the soil, water and air are preserved in their natural context. Biodiversity benefits from this, as does the entire ecological system in its natural cycle.

Only intact and preserved nature finds its way to Yogi Tea infusion bags.

Find the great classics from Yogi tea like Yogi Tea detox , Yogi Tea Chai or the emblematic precursor Yogi Tea Classic.

Also discover surprising infusions in sachets like Orange Ginger , Aloe Vera White Tea or even natural defenses and joie de vivre.


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