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In France, many people suffer from concentration and memory problems . We will see what the causes are and why dietary supplementation can help improve these disorders .

How does memory work?

Memory is an individual's ability to record and store information and experiences throughout their life. It builds an individual and allows him to create his own identity. Memory is fragile, if it is not stimulated, it will weaken and aging will accelerate this process. This is why it is essential to maintain it daily.

What is concentration?

When we consider it essential to remember information, we direct all our attention to retaining it in memory . This process is called concentration . It is considered the basis of effective intellectual work and is defined as a person's ability to direct all of their mental activities towards a very specific subject.

Fight against memory and concentration problems

Factors such as stress , fatigue , a neurodegenerative disease or even taking medications can cause memory and concentration problems . In order to help reduce memory and concentration problems , you need to train your memory on a daily basis through simple exercises that involve memorizing information.

Why do dietary supplements work?

Our modern way of emptiness and our current diet create overwork, stress, nervousness on a daily basis. Food supplements work through the release of antioxidants , minerals , essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and other active ingredients that act inside our body. They will contribute to an improvement in our memory functions, to reduce the consequences of overwork, stress and fatigue and also to regulate our mood.

Our food supplements are not miracle cures, but will be your daily allies. We also recommend that you consult your doctor to better understand your disorders and how to combat them.

How to choose the right food supplement?

It is complicated today to navigate among all the supplements , but we are here to guide you as best as possible in your approach.

You will discover on our site all the food supplements necessary for your needs and advice to best guide you towards the products that suit you.


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