Gardens of Occitanie-French herbal medicine.

Jardins d’Occitanie, the producer of French Ginseng of excellence

The production of Ginseng in Occitania is above all a human adventure.

In the wake of agricultural pioneers, Jardins d'Occitanie was born from the desire to innovate by producing phytotherapeutic products based on ginseng produced locally in the southwest of France. It is first of all a human adventure, which brings together the market gardener, the scientist and the therapist, with the aim of offering unique herbal medicine products of the best possible quality.

The birth of Jardin d’Occitanie, the will of a man won over by the benefits of Ginseng

Yannick Jauzion

This human adventure was born thanks to the commitment of a fabulous man, both in terms of his human qualities and his incredible journey: Yannick Jauzion.

A very high-level ex-rugby player, this agricultural engineer , son of a Tarn farmer, is president of the France Ginseng company, which is behind the creation of the Jardins d'Occitanie brand.

Jardins d'Occitanie, a strong commitment to quality.

Day after day, month after month, they follow the growth of plants and accompany their slow development.

From the germination of the seed to the well-being of customers, they are attentive to all stages of manufacturing.


  • Active phytonutrients preserved and quantified
  • Production locations selected according to strict soil quality criteria
  • Products secured by rigorous analyzes
  • Alternative farming practices (ginseng harvesting and manual weeding, use of “useful” insects, etc.)
  • Products without extracts

The Guarantee of a Ginseng with a proven active phyto-nutrient content.

The Jardins d’Occitanie range is herbal medicine in complete transparency.

The priority is to offer products that will bring maximum well-being to your body and mind. Thanks to the research work that we have been carrying out for several years, we have acquired perfect mastery of the identification and measurement of ginsenosides , the active phyto-nutrients of ginseng.

The brand has chosen, for these products, to use only Panax ginseng CA Meyer (Asian species). Highly sought after by industries, Panax ginseng CA Meyer does not have the same chemical composition as Panax quinquefolius (Canadian or American ginseng). To preserve all the properties of ginseng, and respect the "totum", which promotes synergies between substances, Jardin d'Occitanie refuses any transformation of ginseng into ginseng extract: they only work with natural ginseng root powder .

100% French Ginseng producers.

The products are grown, harvested and of course processed in France.

Jardins d'Occitanie ginseng comes entirely from farms, all of which are located in the southwest of France. The chosen terroirs are perfectly suited to the cultivation of ginseng: they have been selected to allow optimal accumulation of active phyto-nutrients.

The Occitane company also works closely with French agricultural operations , subject to French and European regulations, which meet very strict specifications. This allows us to provide the safest health guarantees and ensure excellent traceability of all products.

For your safety, laboratory analyzes are carried out on all products: they check the content of active ingredients, the nutritional qualities of the products as well as strict health compliance.

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