Joya soap

Joya is above all an artisanal and family soap factory located in France and more precisely in Normandy. Our approach is part of changing our consumption habits in order to return to an attitude that is more respectful of the environment and our body by producing the minimum amount of waste. Our products are manufactured, molded, cut and packaged by hand, with the best care. Discover our superfatted organic soaps , our solid shampoos as well as all our other products dedicated to hygiene and well-being (solid toothpaste, solid deodorant, balms, etc.). All our solid cosmetics and products are 100% natural and organic , without animal testing , without palm oil , the vast majority vegan and zero waste . They are part of an approach of respect for the environment and living beings. Do not hesitate to visit our blog to discover our world, receive advice on the use of our solid cosmetics and find out more about zero waste. If you would like to know our commitments and values ​​better, we invite you to click on the photo opposite.


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