It is thanks to the Danish biologist K. Lund Aagaard that we today have the chance to benefit from the exceptional virtues of propolis, an astonishing substance rich in active ingredients with natural antibiotic properties.

1955: A gift of inestimable value….

  1. Lund Aagaard, when he left his position as municipal secretary, received as a farewell gift a hive of sixty thousand bees. He installed it in the garden of his new residence and devoted his leisure time to studying the astonishing habits of bees while consulting specialized works on beekeeping.

Two years later, he had six hives.

1967: The great discovery.

It was on June 3, 1967 that K. Lund Aagaard discovered by intuition the antibiotic properties of propolis. He first experimented with them on himself: that day, suffering from a bad sore throat, he ground some propolis that he had carefully preserved into powder and diluted it in hot water. He gargled several times, drank the rest of this beverage without thinking further and went to bed. The next day, to his amazement, his sore throat had disappeared.

This was followed by other tests on himself and on those close to him relating to other areas of application: the results were as spectacular as ever.


The mystery of propolis brought to light

It was therefore in 1967 that K. Lund Aagaard decided to devote all his time and energy to the study of resinous glue.

He experimented with the effects of propolis during five large series of tests carried out on nearly 1,600 Scandinavians between 1967 and 1974. Over the years, he became the world-renowned expert on the subject. He coordinated international research for the standardization of

preparations with highly purified propolis, he mixed certain well-selected propolises in order to obtain a maximum level of flavonoids.

All this research allowed him to develop a product guaranteeing a particularly high quality standard: Propolin® quality.

  1. Lund Aagaard developed 8 to 10 different presentations depending on the use to be made of them and developed the rules for using Propolin® according to the different pathologies.

He died in May 1985, after having devoted nearly 30 years of his life to

propolis. The whole world took leave of “Mr Propolis”. An affectionate nickname that this Dane has well deserved


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