Api Nature-Expert in natural products

Api Nature, experts in natural products

The laboratory team has been promoting the expansion of the herbalism and dietetics sector for more than 40 years, from manufacturing to marketing, natural products of the highest quality. Today, Api Nature manufactures more than 200 products and markets several ranges such as Essence pure, Apicol and even Nounours, through 3,000 points of sale in the country.

Api Nature quality

The fundamental axis, the tool which ensures the effectiveness of the products and which allows them to differentiate themselves from other brands.

Api Nature, responsibility, integrity and passion

With human values, an organizational culture that creates the company, not only productively, but also in accordance with society.

By respecting their commitments to consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, in the extended network that we form.

Each member of the company offers the best of themselves by putting all their heart and know-how at the service of the brand.

Knowledge and experience at Api Nature.

The experience of our technical team ensures the perfecting of formulas by uniting ancestral knowledge of nature with innovative developments in raw material technology, each time more demanding and adapting to market standards.

Api Nature quality guarantee step by step

Each product is carefully created from start to release to market. Starting from the rigorous selection of raw materials, research and development in formulations, quality standard and health requirements for manufacturing, all the way to the store door, to consumer feedback.

Careful attention to a single goal, maintaining the health and well-being of millions of consumers who trust the products.

Api Nature, the pure Essence range

PURE ESSENCE is the state in which the ingredients show their maximum concentration of active ingredients and purity.

Each reference in this range has unique ingredients with a high concentration of active ingredients and purity. The ingredients are standardized in a demanding manner and the technological systems for separating active ingredients make it possible to use only those that are 100% effective in the body.

Pure Essence maximum concentration.

PURE ESSENCE is the result of exhaustive analyses, to ensure that we have pure raw materials. Essence Pure products do not contain altered ingredients, they are 100% pure.

ESSENCE PURE is the result of a search for excellent, natural products, rich in vitamins and minerals.

API-NATURE have forty-six years of experience and have worked with the best manufacturers in dietary herbalism in Spain and France.

Api Nature the Apicol range

The Apicol line puts at your disposal all the experience, knowledge and the highest quality in each of the nutrients that nature offers us. Our formulas combine ingredients from the hive, selected by the strictest criteria of purity and quality.

Apicol, Products for the whole family

Royal jelly, propolis, pollen, in synergies with vitamins, minerals and plant extracts form a line of food supplements formulated for the whole family, with varied formulas and presentations to adapt to different needs.

We ensure maximum quality in propolis, high concentration and standardization of active ingredients. Purified and free of resins and unwanted remains of the hive.

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