Beliflor was born in May 1988 in the Paris region. It was founded by Paul Guisado, who is still its leader today.

For 30 years, Beliflor has become a strong and distinctive brand. In fact, she specializes in natural hair care. Beliflor 's desire is to design caring products that appeal to nature, for committed beauty: not to harm either human beings or their environment. From its beginnings, and thanks to its first colorings produced without ammonia or lead salts, Beliflor has been part of this approach.

It is always this same value of kindness that guides the design of new ranges.

For around fifteen years, Beliflor has been involved in the market of natural and organic certified beauty care. She brings ancestral beauty recipes like Cold Cream (or Cédrat de Galien) up to date. Beliflor 's desire is also to make the most effective products accessible to all, such as the Magic Balm, all in one and ORGANIC, successfully launched a few years ago.


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