Zao Make Up, vegan and refillable organic makeup!

Zao Make up, organic and natural makeup par excellence

For a beauty treatment that takes care of your skin and nature, ZAO has created 100% natural origin cosmetics for you, certified Organic* and Vegan. Texture, hold, color and comfort, Zao makeup is as effective and sensory as conventional makeup, while respecting the environment and your health. In addition, the packaging is refillable , for more ecological and economical products.

Zao make up, French, organic and ethical cosmetics.

Zao Make-Up is committed to offering you makeup products with impeccable formulas in which 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin *. Without petrochemical derivatives or synthetic preservatives, Zao products are healthy for your skin. All products are certified organic or eco by Ecocert (according to the Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmos Standard standards) and labeled Cosmebio*

Zao Make up creates refillable products. It is both: Ecological: By creating a recharging system, they choose to act in favor of the environment.

Find your happiness with natural and organic, refillable and vegan makeup from Zao Make up.

The Zao cosmetic range, with its wide choice of products, will meet all expectations, both in terms of your skin tone and its fragility. Find organic makeup palettes to compose according to your desires. Makeup for green eyes , for brown eyes, mascaras , eye liner, eye shadows. Various lipstick colors and lip liners.


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