Herbatint-natural hair colors

Herbatint-natural hair colors

Herbatint is a hair coloring brand that stands out for its 100% natural composition . Unlike classic colorings which use harsh chemicals for hair, Herbatint uses plant extracts to provide coloring that respects the health of your hair.

Herbatint hair colors contain aloe vera, witch hazel, burdock and rhubarb root to nourish and protect your hair during coloring. These natural ingredients also help to strengthen the hair fiber, preserve hair hydration and give it shine.

The Herbatint brand offers a wide range of colors , ranging from light blonde to deep black, including copper, red and mahogany shades. The colors are also available in several shades, allowing you to find the color that best suits each hair type.

Herbatint hair colors are easy to use, with a formula that applies easily to the hair and does not run. In addition, they are water resistant and offer long-lasting hold, without fading or losing their intensity.

Herbatint, a natural coloring for healthy hair.

By choosing Herbatint, you are opting for natural coloring that respects your hair, which allows you to change your look while taking care of your hair health. The brand is also committed to an eco-responsible approach, using recyclable materials for its packaging and limiting its impact on the environment.

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