Food supplements for Women.

Food supplements for Women

As a specialist in food supplements, particularly those dedicated to women, we are convinced that nature is full of solutions to enhance your health and beauty.

At Pleine Forme, we have carefully selected a range of natural products to meet your specific needs, at each stage of your life.

Feminine well-being supplements for targeted problems.

If you are suffering from the discomforts of menopause or hot flashes, we have several solutions to help you.

Duomeno -Soja+Yam from MGD, based on soy isoflavones and yam extract, is your ally for synergistic action on these annoying symptoms. Or the Chaste Tree Sage from Vit'all+.

If you want to delay the first signs of aging and preserve the radiance of your skin, supplements based on collagen or hyaluronic acid can be a good solution. Some prefer external treatments like prickly pear seed oil , but be careful, you have to start a little earlier!

Vit'all+ beauty collagen is an excellent ally for your skin. and hyaluronic acid from Essence pure have proven their worth with us thanks to numerous customer feedback.

What about recurrent urinary tract infections?

CYSTINIL FLASH (ISN), a 5-day cure based on D-Mannose and Cranberry, effectively fights these infections thanks to its anti-adhesive and anti-inflammatory action, D-mannose powder from vit'all+ and Cranberries in capsules are ideal for long treatments

Let's talk about fatigue and anemia linked to iron deficiency?

Floradix Iron + Plants from Salus, a tasty syrup based on easily assimilated iron bisglycinate, gives you a boost of energy thanks to its enrichment with B vitamins and plants.

Iron Bisglycinate is also very popular with us because it is well tolerated and absorbed.

Perhaps you are looking for a good hormonal balance?

Hormonal balance is crucial to women's well-being throughout their lives. It plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle, fertility, mood, energy and overall health.

Several laboratories have effective formulas to support you in this case such as the L-Tyro Vital complex or L-Tyrosine from Vit'all+ or the Raspberry bud macerate from Herbes et Traditions.

Finally, to take care of your feminine comfort and boost your libido and your internal hydration, Daniel Rouillard's Evening Primrose and Borage Oil , rich in essential fatty acids GLA and gamma-linolenic acid.

And for ladies' desire, turn to Libidiboost , an exclusive supplement specially created to increase female desire.

Pleine Forme is much more than just a food supplement store. It is a true haven of well-being where you will find listening, personalized advice and quality products rigorously selected for their effectiveness and safety. And this for over 40 years

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