Joseph Favrichon, pharmacist at Saint Symphorien de Lay, had his life transformed when he met an unusual German abbot, Monseigneur Kneipp. This meeting took place when Monsignor Kneipp transmitted his method of care based on alternative medicine, thalassotherapy, and a diet based on whole grains. However, this is not trivial, because these combined techniques succeeded in curing Louise, the daughter of Joseph Favrichon, of a chest ulcer!

Three years later, Joseph Favrichon decided to invest in cereal manufacturing and purchased the buildings of a former bakery with the aim of producing cereal flour according to recipes developed by Kneipp. This decision marks a turning point in his career and in his life. He thus wishes to share the benefits of whole grains and the Kneipp treatment method with a greater number of people.

Thanks to his commitment and passion, Joseph Favrichon develops the manufacturing of high quality cereal flours in his factory. It uses the recipes and principles of Monsignor Kneipp to guarantee healthy and beneficial products. Whole grain flours are quickly becoming popular, not only for their delicious taste, but also for their health benefits.

Today, the company founded by Joseph Favrichon continues to perpetuate this tradition by producing whole grain flours and promoting alternative medicine and the principles of Monsignor Kneipp. The legacy of this chance meeting between a pharmacist and a German abbot lives on, providing consumers with healthy, natural products to improve their well-being.

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