Good makeup is not always easy to put on. Discover all our tips and products for perfect makeup.

Eye makeup

Find all our tips for eye makeup.

Anti-dark circles advice

A concealer should be chosen in the same shade as your slightly lighter foundation. Indeed, if you choose a concealer that is too light, you will end up with two white bars around your eyes.

In addition, when you redefine the contour of your eyebrows with concealer, remember to be careful so as not to leave any demarcation.

Remove your eye makeup!

Removing your eye makeup is an essential step. If you don't take the time to remove your makeup, it will damage your eyelashes and dull your eyes in the long term.


For a successful eyeliner , you should not draw too thick a line. In fact, a line that is too thick will narrow your eyes and make your look heavier. In these conditions, it is more judicious to start with a fine line drawn at the level of your eyelashes.


Go for a sober eyeshadow and avoid flashy colors. For example, you can opt for pastel tones for a more natural look. In addition, we will avoid using eyeshadow in the same color as your eyes. This will dull your look.

A successful mascara

Too heavy a mascara will create clumps and therefore overload your eyes. To avoid using too much, the trick is to rub your mascara brush well before applying it for a lighter finish that will make you look natural.

Use your makeup brushes correctly

For good make-up, brushes play a crucial role. In order to blur the color of your eyes for a natural look, you must have a blending brush .

The shape of your eye

You need to consider the shape of your eyes. You won't wear makeup the same way if you have almond-shaped eyes or droopy eyes.

Too much makeup

Beware of makeup overload. This will weigh down your eyes and will not have the desired effect.

Mouth makeup

First of all, before applying makeup to your mouth, you must take good care of it. To do this, you need to moisturize and exfoliate your lips. Find a dazzling smile with our tips for applying makeup to your mouth.

Balancing your makeup

Remember that we do not apply makeup to the mouth and eyes with the same intensity.

If your goal is to intensify your look, you will need to opt for very light makeup on your lips. For example, you can go with a lipstick or gloss note. Do not hesitate to apply it with your fingers for more lightness.

On the other hand, if your goal is to highlight your smile, you will have to go for very light eye makeup.

Choose the ideal color

In order not to look like a makeup beginner, you will need to pay attention to the colors used. To choose your lipstick color, you need to take into account the color and shape of your lips. For full lips, it would be wise to go for a matte lipstick . Conversely, for thin lips, you can go for brighter lipsticks.

The right dosage

It is important to choose the right dosage to apply your lipstick. If you use gloss, you will need to apply it lightly. While for lipstick, you can afford to apply a slightly more pronounced layer for a dazzling smile. Finally, if your mouth makeup does not suit you, we advise you to remove your makeup completely rather than touch up.

Complexion makeup

All our tips for a radiant complexion and natural makeup!

Smooth the skin on your face

To smooth the skin on your face, it is essential to use a foundation. It allows makeup to last over time without settling in fine lines or pores. Furthermore, it is preferable to start with a natural foundation and preferably one without oily or moisturizing substances depending on the skin type.

The foundation

The foundation must be tone-on-tone, that is to say the same color as our skin. If this is not the case, this will generate a demarcation between the color of your face and the color of your neck. In addition, avoid applying it under your eyes and on your eyelids. Finally, it is preferable to opt for a natural and organic foundation without chemicals.

Correct imperfections

To correct your skin's imperfections, you should turn to a creamy concealer . The concealer blurs facial imperfections and erases your dark circles.

Fix your makeup

In order to mattify your complexion and set your makeup, we recommend using loose powder. Loose powder is the finishing touch for a complete makeup look.

Organic and natural makeup

Organic, natural and ethical makeup. At Pleine Forme, we have chosen quality to offer the best to your skin!


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