Herbs and traditions

Herbs and Traditions

Herbes et Traditions is a brand that combines the most beautiful expressions of nature with know-how of great traditions. This company is committed to preserving original values, ensuring product quality, and respecting nature and people. Co-creator Brigitte Quaghebeur is sensitive to nature and inspired by Ayurveda. She works to establish strong, equitable and sustainable partnerships with local and international producers.

Co-creator Christian Eloy has been introduced to alternative medicine since a young age. He delved deeper into temperamental and psycho-emotional aromatherapy through his observations and research as a therapist. He developed the olfactory Quantiques and the Herbs and Traditions ranges based on the principle of Temperaments. Today he passes on his knowledge and experience through training.

Herbes et Traditions offers a wide range of products, including organic and chemotyped essential oils , vegetable oils such as castor , carrot, jojoba , as well as rose and orange blossom hydrosols . All products are designed to provide health and wellness benefits.

Herbes et Traditions, offers a complete range of gemmotherapy products, which are made from plants from organic farming and hand-picked. The concentrated bud macerates offered by the brand are rich in active ingredients, which allows you to benefit from the benefits of the plant optimally. Thanks to its range of gemmotherapy, Herbes et Traditions offers a natural and effective solution to improve health and prevent everyday problems. Discover now our range of gemmotherapy products to help you regain your balance naturally.

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