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Welcome to Pleine Forme, your destination for sun care that respects marine life. We are proud to present to you the flagship products of Laboratoires de Biarritz, a brand committed to the protection of the skin and the environment.

Sun protection from Laboratoires de Biarritz.

Discover the exclusive Algamaris range, certified organic sun care products specially designed for families, adults, children and pregnant women. These innovative products offer optimal protection while preserving your skin and the marine ecosystem. Thanks to formulas rich in natural ingredients and without any component of controversial petrochemical origin, our Algamaris products are a true invitation to take care of yourself in harmony with nature.

Laboratoires de Biarritz are recognized for their Bio Ecocert or COSMOS Organic certifications, as well as for the Cosmébio label. These guarantees attest that our products are formulated with at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and that a minimum of 20% of the finished cosmetic comes from Organic Farming since January 1, 2017.

When you choose Laboratoires de Biarritz, you are choosing responsible and respectful cosmetics. Our formulas contain up to 99.5% ingredients of natural origin, including up to 97.5% from Organic Farming. You can thus enjoy a complete care experience while preserving your skin and our environment.

Rest assured that the products are free of any risky petrochemical ingredients. Parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol and many other controversial substances. Your health and satisfaction are our top priority.

At Pleine Forme, we are delighted to offer you quality solar solutions, combining performance, respect for the environment and your well-being. Opt for Laboratoires de Biarritz and experience exceptional sun protection.

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