Nature in its wisdom has planned everything, including how to fight against certain germs while respecting the individual's terrain and limiting resistance.

At a time when germs are becoming more and more resistant, essential oils have natural anti-infectious properties, they help to limit the ailments of everyday life.

Essential oils unleash all their power!

In order to facilitate their use but above all to benefit from their incredible benefits, INELDEA Laboratories have developed OLIOSEPTIL®, the first range of micro-emulsified essential oils in L-Vcaps vegetable capsules, whose manufacturing process is patented.

L-VCaps capsules are entirely of plant origin.

They make it possible to preserve the optimal quality of essential oils, to mask their taste, to judiciously release the essential oils for perfect bioavailability.

OLIOSEPTIL® capsules are intended to contribute to the cleansing of the body and its functions (respiratory, digestive, immune system, etc.), thanks to the essential oil complexes they contain: Nose-Throat, Sinus, Bronchi, Urinary Tract, Gastro-Intestinal.

This galenic form allows practical use and safety in the dosage and combination of essential oils.

In addition, all essential oils used in the OLIOSEPTIL® range are 100% pure and natural and chemotyped. It is a practical and safe range.

OLIOSEPTIL®, “turnkey” solutions to feel better.

The OLIOSEPTIL® range offers ready-to-use solutions. It uses the properties of 100% pure and natural essential oils, botanically and biochemically defined (HEBBD).

Their association allows for reinforced action, broader activity, in complete safety. They are used according to the most efficient dosage forms. The OLIOSEPTIL® range is rich in 20 references (capsules, spray, cream, etc.) acting in a precise and geolocalized manner to meet all your needs.


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