The fragrance allows you to stay fresh throughout your day and stay toned . Your perfume will make you irresistible and reveal your personality . Find all our advice on how to choose your perfume . For women or men , you will find what you are looking for at Pleine Forme .

Choose your perfume wisely

Understand how it works

A perfume is composed as follows:

  • Top notes : we discover them upon vaporization .
  • Heart notes : much more sensual , they appear after a few minutes.
  • Base notes : these notes are heavier and allow the perfume to last over time.

The olfactory family

When designing it, the perfumer cannot know whether his fragrance will be intended for men or women . To do this, he must wait for the final perfume and then define who it will be intended for.

There are seven main olfactory families in perfumery:

  • Cyprus : These are perfumes composed mainly of rose, jasmine, bergamot, patchouli and oakmoss.
  • Citrus : This family corresponds to fresh waters and is mainly made up of fruity citrus notes.
  • Oriental : These are perfumes with sweet and warm accords. Composed of amber and smoky notes, they are captivating.
  • Floral : These fragrances highlight a bouquet or a flower. White, pink and powdery flowers are regularly used in floral arrangements .
  • Woody : Essential in perfumery, woody notes set the perfume in base notes. Its composition includes cedar , sandalwood , vetiver , patchouli
  • Aromatic : Olfactory family mainly composed of aromatic herbs such as thyme, anise, tarragon and many others.
  • Fougère : They are built around the same architecture, namely a geranium floral heart, a lavender head, a coumarin base and oak moss.

Perfumes for women

For women , we recommend the following families:

  • Cyprus Family
  • Hesperidea Family
  • Floral Family
  • Oriental Family

Perfumes for men

For men , we recommend the following families:

  • Aromatic Family
  • Hesperidea Family
  • Woody Family
  • Oriental Family

A nose of expertise

Many of our fragrances are created by Katell Plisson , an expert in natural perfumery. Indeed, at Pleine Forme , we have chosen quality to offer you the best natural perfumes.

Natural and organic perfumes

Our perfumes are composed mainly of natural ingredients. In addition, they are Ecocert certified and guarantee you ingredients sourced as much as possible from organic farming. Finally, unlike conventional perfumes that can be found on the market, there are no chemical substances.

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