Neo gourmets

Neo gourmets

At Pleine Forme, we are delighted to present to you the artisanal production in the heart of Touraine of Néogurmets.

The story of Néogurmets begins with Gaëlle, David and their three children. Following a health problem, Gaëlle had to completely eliminate fast sugars from her diet. What was initially experienced as a constraint quickly became a new family lifestyle that they wanted to share.

In 2018, the Néogurmets adventure began with the creation of a biscuit factory certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, in the heart of Touraine. This stage marks the start of a human adventure made of great encounters with a small team of enthusiasts sharing the same values. They had the chance to cross paths with Chef Thierry Marx, who immediately identified with their project and their values. He became an associate of the small start-up in 2019 and is now an integral part of the adventure, contributing to the development of all the biscuit and chocolate recipes.

At Néogurmets, we are proud to offer you real flavors! We are taking on the challenge of going without flavor enhancers, and we applaud you for doing the same. We are aware that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, making it difficult to quit. We do not replace sugar with sweeteners with questionable effects. However, the less sugar we consume, the less we crave it. In the long term, this will have clear and positive effects on your health and well-being. We use the right sugars, those naturally present in fruits, in our recipes! With us, no sweeteners, no long list of ingredients and no strange ingredients. We are committed to offering you organic, good, natural products, and that's it!

We have returned to raw, minimally processed and therefore healthier ingredients. Fruits are naturally sweet, which is why we chose to use them in our recipes to show that it is possible to do without added sugars. Nature does things well, so it is essential to respect it!

At Pleine Forme, we are proud to offer you Néogurmets products, carefully made in their workshop in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, in Touraine.

But the Néogurmets adventure doesn’t stop there! In addition to our first cookies without added sugars or sweeteners, we have pushed the limits with our latest innovation: CHOCOLATE. Because eating without sugar does not mean giving up gourmet pleasures, we have created a unique chocolate.

Our chocolate is innovative in several ways. First of all, it is the first gourmet chocolate without added sugars or sweeteners, without bitterness. It is naturally sweetened by fruit! Then, our chocolate is distinguished by its composition:

  • It is NATURAL: zero added sugars, zero sweeteners. The sweetness comes from the fruit, softening the carefully selected fair trade cocoa.
  • It is BEAN-TO-BAR: return to authenticity. Our Belgian chocolate partner works chocolate at its source, from the cocoa bean to the bar. No ready-to-use chocolate like in the food industry. Transparency, traceability and know-how give birth to a goldsmith's chocolate.
  • It is FAIR: we are committed to guaranteeing a fair price to our producers as well as favorable working conditions, excluding child labor. We also take care to preserve nature by selecting cocoa beans from plantations that respect the environment and ecosystems. To complete our approach, the packaging of our tablets is 100% recyclable.
  • It is ORGANIC: all our ingredients come from organic farming, in accordance with our values. Carefully selected plantations for cocoa beans respect nature and exclude intensive agricultural practices.
  • It is HEALTHY: our chocolates are between 30% and 50% less sweet than other bars. We only use good sugars, naturally present in fruits. In addition, our chocolates are rich in fiber and protein. We were finally going to have fun and health.
  • It is MEDAL-WINNING: barely launched, our Uganda Dark 70% Banana chocolate has already been recognized at the International Chocolate Awards, winning the silver medal and a special innovation prize! In 2020, we also won a Bronze Epicure, an award from the world of delicatessen.

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