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Authentic organic and natural cosmetics with Dr. Hauschka.

Whether for the Day Care for the face , the Rose Moisturizing Cream for the Feet or the Toning Lotion or even the Dr. Hauschka Med range, each Dr. Hauschka product is certified 100% natural and organic cosmetics, and contains ingredients from controlled organic cultivation or Demeter. For Rudolf Hauschka, founder of WALA, this was a matter of course. When he developed his cosmetics line with Viennese Elisabeth Sigmund in the 1960s, his formulations were exclusively composed of natural ingredients, containing no silicones or PEGs, no preservatives, dyes or synthetic chemical perfumes.

“An authentic natural and organic cosmetic, which supports the skin in its own regenerative forces.”

In 1967, when Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics appeared on the market, certification for natural and organic cosmetics did not yet exist. But today an independent entity strongly supports this idea. The NATRUE label is an association committed to the protection of natural and organic cosmetics. Active internationally since 2007, its goal is to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics throughout the world. As a founding member of NATRUE, Dr. Hauschka collaborates to define the criteria for natural and organic cosmetics. The NATRUE label evaluates products based on their ingredients and manufacturing processes. NATRUE distinguishes between natural cosmetics, natural and organic cosmetics, which must contain at least 70% organic ingredients (This level will be gradually abandoned by NATRUE by 2023), and organic cosmetics which must contain at least 95%. This percentage difference is essential. Because today, it doesn't matter if all the ingredients in non-certified natural cosmetics are not obtained in organic quality. We are also activators of cultivation of organic raw materials. Rose essential oil, Mango butter, Castor oil and Shea butter are examples. Naturally, Dr. Hauschka has each of Dr. Hauschka's products, more than 160 of them now, certified by NATRUE. That the products pass the NATRUE test is a security for Dr. Hauschka, as it is for you. Since 1967, has been developing and manufacturing natural and organic cosmetics out of conviction and duty towards Nature and for its well-being. Because what can be more sustainable and more effective than natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation or Demeter and Fair Trade?

Dr. Hauschka, high-end natural cosmetics brand.

Dr. Hauschka cosmetic treatments are the fruits of excellence in terms of naturalness and quality, but also of an intimate knowledge of plants which has proven itself. For Dr. Hauschka, each ingredient in a product contributes to the effectiveness of the overall composition. Thus, the ingredients combine in complex compositions, the whole of which represents much more than their simple addition.

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