Bach Flower Infusions

The food supplement brand Salus has oriented the composition of these infusions in a spirit of emotional comfort , which is why the Salus infusions offered to you at Pleine Forme are all composed of the famous Dr. Bach Flowers .

What are Bach flower infusions?

Bach Flowers are a simple, natural and effective system, developed by an English doctor “Edward Bach” at the beginning of the 20th century.
It is made up of 38 flowers and a relief or emergency remedy ( rescue ) corresponding to the different states of mind highlighted by Doctor Bach and classified into 7 large families.
Bach flowers help to rebalance the fleeting or anchored emotions of all living beings in order to establish a sense of well-being.

The composition of Salus organic infusions , which thanks to a clever blend of organic plants and Bach flowers will resolve emotional issues.
Find the great classics in sachets to infuse like, Emergency and stress , Joy and harmony or even Calm and serenity .

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