Digestion food supplements

Transit and digestion food supplements

Digestion food supplements are intended to relieve digestive disorders. They are diverse and varied and can contain different plants, nutrients, ingredients. Below is a non-exhaustive list: enzymes, plants to relieve and restrict nausea according to their virtues (turmeric, ginger or fenugreek).

There are also ingredients to protect and enrich the intestinal flora such as probiotics and prebiotics. 

These digestion food supplements exist in several forms: in sachets, capsules, powder, tablets, etc.

How digestion happens: understand better.

Digestion is a process that allows our body to transform food into nutrients. As a result, our body generates energy. 

Digestion takes a long time and involves several organs. For this reason, depending on the foods, it can be more or less long and tiring.

Why do we have digestion problems, stomach aches (and others)?

Digestion can be disrupted and cause digestive disorders, stomach aches, bloating, etc. In fact, you have undoubtedly been confronted with digestive heaviness, but also diarrhea or constipation. 

These consequences are difficult on a daily basis and can cause various additional pains and inconveniences.

Pleine Forme offers you a wide range of food supplements to facilitate your digestion and make you feel lighter.

The Pleine Forme range of digestion food supplements.

Find all the products available on www.pleine-forme.net to alleviate your digestion-related ailments. 

You will find probiotics helping in certain contexts to regain balanced intestinal transit as well as other health food supplements. Do not hesitate to contact us directly, our specialist natural health advisors will advise you to determine the suitable food supplement.

Find the articles to better understand the causes of difficult digestion as well as suitable solutions. 

We also offer herbal teas to activate the elimination functions and allow easier digestion. 


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