Solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are practical, economical and ecological. Let's discover together all the benefits of solid cosmetics and why to use them.

What is solid cosmetics?

As its name suggests, it is a solid product. Unlike liquid cosmetics, this one does not contain water, so it does not need the addition of chemical preservatives! It is as effective as liquid cosmetics and it does not contain products harmful to our health.

A cosmetic that takes care of the planet

Solid cosmetics are manufactured at low temperatures to retain the best fats in vegetable oil. Solid cosmetics contribute to zero waste. Indeed, it is often sold with a cardboard box to surround it, which helps reduce the consumption of plastic and waste. In addition, it is composed of natural ingredients and therefore helps to preserve our environment. This is why solid cosmetics are ecological and contribute to the protection of our beautiful planet.

Why use solid cosmetics?

Using solid cosmetics has many benefits. Let’s discover all its assets!

Suitable for everyone

Solid cosmetics are numerous and suitable for everyone!

Nourishing and moisturizing soaps that will be suitable for oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin and normal skin.

Shampoos suitable for dry and damaged hair.

There are also toothpastes , deodorants and many other products present on the solid cosmetics market!

No animal testing

Unfortunately, we now know that the cosmetics world frequently tests its products on animals. To avoid participating in this, turn to organic, natural cosmetics with the cruelty-free label which means that your product is vegan and not tested on animals.

An incomparable duration of time

Unlike liquid cosmetics, your solid cosmetics will generally last twice as long! This will help save money and reduce waste.

For its practical side

Solid cosmetics are much more practical than their liquid counterparts. Indeed, it is small and compact. They are discreet and easy to transport.

Choose your solid cosmetic carefully!

Be careful when choosing your cosmetics, because even if they are solid, that does not mean that they are always holy! Turn to natural and organic solid cosmetics which will not contain harmful ingredients, often from petrochemicals. In addition, by turning to natural ingredients, you will avoid endocrine disruptors.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of harmful ingredients used in the world of cosmetics:

  • Paraben,
  • phthalates,
  • phenoxyethanol,
  • Synthetic surfactants,
  • dyes
  • lilial,
  • sulfates.

These chemical ingredients are irritating to your skin and will make you itchy. This is why you must carefully read the labels of the products you buy.

How to use your solid cosmetics?

Use your solid shampoo

It must be used on wet hair. First, you need to rub your shampoo gently onto your scalp to make it lather. Furthermore, if you want a faster result, you can moisten it slightly before use.

Solid shampoos are made for dry hair, normal hair and oily hair.

Use your solid soap

To use your solid soap, you simply need to wet it slightly.

Don’t hesitate to choose a soap with essential oils!

Use your solid deodorant

First, you need to run your deodorant under lukewarm water. Second, you need to lightly rub it under your armpit.

Solid deodorant helps regulate your perspiration and prevent bad odors. It will be much more effective and natural than industrial deodorants!

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