Awa-ouh!®-Organic Ginger Concentrate


Awa-ouh ® Organic Ginger Concentrated Juice

Awa-ooh! ® offers you 40 years of product experience. She is proud to share her traditional recipes with her customers. The products are made with quality ingredients, benefiting from European organic certification, guaranteeing that they come from organic farming.

Awa-ooh! ® is an artisanal company founded in March 2023, established in the heart of the Centre-Val de Loire region, in Touraine. Specializing in the creation of organic artisanal drinks, our expertise draws on the artisanal traditions of Niger.

With 40 years of product experience, Awa-ouh! ® proudly shares its authentic recipes with its customers. The products are made from quality ingredients, benefiting from the prestigious European organic certification, ensuring their organic origin.

Awa-ooh! traditional recipes for Organic Ginger Concentrate

Explore the authenticity of traditional Niger flavors with Awa-ouh! ® Discover our organic artisanal drinks, crafted with passion and certified organic for an unparalleled taste experience. Enjoy 40 years of dedication to quality and tradition in every sip.

The organic ginger concentrate range consists of three recipes:

Artisanal “sugar-free” juice with ginger, lime and mint

The 'traditional' artisanal with cane sugar, lime and mint

Artisanal “Cinnamon Honey” with Honey, Cinnamon, Lime and Mint

The products are available in two formats: 50cl bottle and 25cl bottle

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