Ladrôme Laboratory

Ladrôme Laboratory

Discover the Ladrôme company, located in the Drôme valley, between Provence and Vercors, which draws on the natural wealth and know-how of this magnificent region to create natural, organic and high-performance food supplements and cosmetics.

At Pleine Forme, we are proud to present these products to you.

We are committed to a complete ecological approach and maintain a constant concern for quality.

Ladrôme products offer natural solutions of impeccable quality to optimize your daily well-being and beauty.

By choosing Ladrôme products, you ensure that you benefit from the expertise of a company rooted in nature and concerned with preserving the environment. We favor ingredients from organic farming, respectful of nature and your health.

Join Pleine Forme and discover our selection of Ladrôme food supplements and cosmetics, designed to offer you a natural, high-quality experience. Opt for an approach that respects your well-being and the planet with Ladrôme products.

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