Dr. Theiss

Dr. Theiss

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Located in Homburg, Germany, the company, DR.THEISS, was founded in 1978 to meet growing consumer demand for natural products.

Today, the Dr.Theiss product range is distributed in 60 countries through subsidiaries around the world. In France, the subsidiary Dr. Theiss, with 25 years of experience and recognized know-how in the field of well-being and beauty, is based in Alsace.

Their expertise focuses on natural and organic products. They have always been interested, studied and passionate about these products. They are at the heart of values ​​and their ethics. The different product ranges are the result of in-depth research, in collaboration with major European universities. Together, they are looking for natural, innovative and risk-free solutions for consumers.

They are at the origin of many trends and innovative products, often being the first to market. Despite 25 years of experience, they maintain this pioneering soul, this insatiable curiosity, this flame that does not go out over the years.

Pleine Forme is proud to support you in this exciting adventure and to offer you quality, natural products that respect your well-being.

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