Health Vector

Health Vector

Discover the French production of products that respect the environment and preserve ingredients, presented by Pleine Forme.

Find the great classics of food supplements such as marine collagen, vegetable charcoal, blond psyllium and many others...

Since the 2000s, Vector Santé has made the decision to produce the products it markets. This desire stems from the desire to maintain a high level of quality, which the sector could no longer guarantee. Thus, they meet the increasingly strict specifications of control and certification bodies.

Vector health always favors sources of supply closest to the production site. They make long-term commitments with suppliers in order to establish lasting collaboration over time. Raw materials are primarily French and European.

Each raw material is subject to in-depth analyses, such as microbiological analyses, research for pesticides and heavy metals, and GMO-free.

The formulas are without excipients, adjuvants, colorings or preservatives. In addition, the products are not tested on animals, demonstrating the commitment to respecting the animal kingdom.

Vector Santé, uses recyclable packaging, printed in France. The bottles, pill boxes, labels and cardboard cases are made in France, while the pill boxes come from Denmark. In addition, the packaging is printed in France with vegetable inks, thanks to a partner printing company also present in our network for more than 10 years.

We attach great importance to clear and complete labeling, as well as simple and precise instructions for use. The aim is to offer you safe use of the products.

Choose Pleine Forme for quality, environmentally friendly products designed for your optimal well-being.

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