Organic Colloidal

Our know-how is the result of long experience. Several years of research and analysis have led to a unique and innovative manufacturing process . The production of colloidal silver by slow electrolysis , combined with cutting-edge technology, gives the product maximum efficiency. The Bio Colloidal laboratory has a fully automated and innovative production system. Our colloidal silver manufacturing machines were entirely designed by our chemist. They were made of borosilicate glass and are unique in the world

Our colloidal silver is made by slow electrolysis . This means that an electric current is sent across very pure silver electrodes at extra low DC voltage and very low intensities. We therefore use the most “gentle” method, but also the most complex technique to carry out. However, this allows us to obtain extremely stable colloidal silver of the highest quality .


We attach great importance to product quality.

Thanks to the small structure of our family business , we can carry out research work prior to manufacturing, for example on the structure and memory of water. We therefore continually strive to ensure exclusively the highest level of quality for our manufacturing.

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