The Pleine Forme store is pleased to present to you the heir to a long dynasty of taste: Maison Meneau, synonymous with constant authenticity.

Founded in 1879, at the port of Bordeaux, a meeting place of diverse flavors, Maison Meneau brought together sugar from the islands and fruits from Aquitaine in the tradition of gustatory pleasure.

Today, the family business is managed by Vincent and Philippe Lassalle Saint-Jean, the heirs of the artisanal recipes. Maison Meneau perpetuates this know-how by using ingredients from around the world.

Responsibility, authenticity and quality are fundamental values ​​applied by Maison Meneau, which is committed to organic farming. Sharing, the precautionary principle and innovation guide Maison Meneau's sustainable development approach.

The pleasure of taste and the well-being of consumers are at the heart of their quest for a perfect balance. Maison Meneau offers a wide range of products, such as syrups, fruit juices, smoothies and culinary aids, with sought-after flavors, meeting quality requirements. Always looking for new recipes and new modes of consumption, Maison Meneau has always embodied the pleasure of taste.

At Pleine Forme, we are delighted to introduce you to Maison Meneau products, which combine tradition, quality and innovation to satisfy your palate and your well-being.

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