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Gemmotherapy, bud macerate

What is gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy, also called bud medicine , is a branch of herbal medicine in its own right. It makes it possible to prevent and treat various ailments using active ingredients from the embryonic tissues of plants , the buds. Selected according to their capacity to be provided with assets.

Its name comes from the Latin term “gemme” which means buds , it uses exclusively fresh buds from plants, trees and shrubs.

The oldest use dates back to the Middle Ages, when alchemists used fir buds for the respiratory tract or even raspberry to improve fertility in women.

How is gemmotherapy made?

The buds or plant embryos are macerated for 21 days in an equivalent mixture of alcohol, water and glycerin. Next comes the filtration stage. The result of this extraction of buds is called mother macerate , it is the equivalent of a mother tincture.

When using, it is recommended to dilute 5 to 30 drops in water, which makes a macerate.

The benefits of buds in gemmotherapy.

Traditionally, bud macerates are used in herbal medicine to relieve and counter certain pathologies.

From experience, we know that Fig and Linden gemmotherapy is very effective in soothing and promoting sleep in sleep-related problems.

Blackcurrant buds and pine buds are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, very useful for relieving pain linked to osteoarthritis, for example.

Birch and Rosemary buds have a detoxifying effect on the body.

There are also bud macerate complexes, adapted to each problem, such as Gemmodéfense with blackcurrant, bramble and juniper buds to stimulate the immune system. Or the type2 complex to regulate diabetes naturally based on bud buds. 'Olivier , blueberry and juniper .

gemmotherapy contraindications.

The general use of bud medicine or gemmotherapy is not dangerous. It does have certain contraindications all the same.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, especially at the start of pregnancy.

Certain bud macerates are not recommended for people with heart disease or those suffering from coagulation disorders and hypertension. If you are taking any medical treatment, it should be ensured that the buds do not interact with it. The advice of a healthcare professional is recommended.

More details on the descriptions of each gemmotherapy product.

Gemmotherapy the choice of Pleine Forme.

For several years now we have placed our trust in Laboratoire Herbes et Traditions, a French brand whose majority of cultivated plants come from France and from small producers, fairly remunerated. Customer feedback following our advice gives us complete satisfaction.

We made this choice to have a product made in France and locally sourced, of organic quality , which guarantees the freshness of the buds and therefore a quality product.

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