Pastas and Sauces

Pastas and Sauces

Discover our organic pastas and sauces for healthy and delicious meals. Our organic sauces and pastes are easy and quick to cook, light and nourishing. Whether you prefer semi-wholemeal, wholemeal, legume-based, gluten-free, spelled or kamut pasta, we have something to satisfy all palates.

Our delicious organic sauces, both healthy and plant-based, will transport you to Italy and beyond with their unique flavors. Add a touch of pleasure and variety to your meals with our selection of organic sauces, which will delight lovers of Italian cuisine and other world cuisines.

Enjoy balanced and delicious meals by choosing our quality organic pastas and sauces. Order now and discover the multiple culinary possibilities offered by our collection of organic pastas and sauces.

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