Jean Hervé

Jean Hervé

In 1976, Jean Hervé began making almond purees and tahini to feed his vegetarian family. Over the years, the company grew and the range of products expanded, intended to complement vegetarian diets, support weakened organisms and satisfy gourmets in search of authentic flavors.

The dried fruits used are naturally rich in proteins, B vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Jean Hervé's traditional manufacturing continues with drying over a wood fire and grinding at low temperature with a stone millstone.

These methods have made Jean Hervé famous and allowed the brand to develop in France and Europe. Jean Hervé's children continue his legacy by preserving these artisanal methods and refusing rapid and homogeneous industrial processes.

The company combines craftsmanship for manufacturing and industry for packaging, in order to improve rationality and productivity. With a team of 38 people in 2015, the company promotes local recruitment to support the regional economy and reduce employees' commutes.

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