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Elixirs & Co is a pioneering and visionary company, which has been working and committed for 30 years to facilitate access to Bach flowers for as many people as possible. Thanks to Bach flowers and through complete and varied ranges, our products provide natural responses to everyday difficulties and ailments. à Specialist in the production of authentic, artisanal and organic Bach flowers…

Strict compliance with the original manufacturing method developed by Doctor Bach

  • Artisanal picking of wild flowers in a healthy environment, free from all industrial or animal pollution
  • Strict compliance with the solarization or boiling process:
  • Solarization is suitable for fragile annual flowers and allows slow diffusion of their active ingredients, without degradation.
  • Boiling is suitable for flowers from perennial plants, most often woody: bushes, shrubs, trees.
  • The addition of organic brandy at 40° in equal proportion with floral water
  • Dilution 1/250 in organic brandy at 40°.

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