A beautiful story that revisits botany, a true source of inspiration for cosmetics.

The Centifolia adventure began in 1983 with a passion and a vision that has remained unchanged since: the love of plants and the benefit of their incredible properties.

The revolutionary idea of ​​Centifolia was to isolate these prodigious active ingredients and transpose them directly to the needs of the skin.

The Cosmeto-Botany of the Centifolia Research Center was born.

Her approach is unique: she considers plants as living beings secreting powerful active ingredients for their vitality that can be transposed to the skin to meet similar needs.

All the active ingredients secreted by plants for their harmonious life (growth, protection, beauty and seduction, tone and firmness, etc.) are studied, isolated and translated to meet a need for our daily vitality: firmness, cellular repair, hydration , protection, tone, suppleness, radiance...

The Centifolia Research Center analyzes and identifies plant active ingredients that correspond to their needs for life, growth, reproduction and development. These concentrated and isolated active ingredients are then integrated into the formulas of beauty and care products to provide their secrets of vitality.


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